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Interventional cardiology is a branch of the medical specialty of cardiology.  This branch of cardiology deals specifically with the catheter based treatment of structural heart disease. 

A large number of procedures can be performed on the heart by catheterization.  This most commonly involves the insertion of a sheath into the femoral artery (groin or wrist) and cannulating the heart under X-ray visualization (most commonly flouroscopy, a real-time x-ray). 

The main advantages of using the interventional cardiologic approach is the avoidance of the scars, pain, and long postoperative recovery associated with surgery. Additionally, the interventional cardiology procedure of primary angioplasty is now the gold standard of care for an acute myocardial infarction (heart attack).  It involves the extraction of clots from occluded coronary arteries, deployment of stents and balloons through a small hole made into a major artery, leaving no scars.   
Dr. T. John Mercuro is board certified in interventional cardiology.  Dr. Mercuro is on the team to perform primary angioplasty at the University Medical Center at Princeton. Elective diagnostic cardiac catheterizations are performed by Dr. Mercuro at the University Medical Center at Princeton.  Elective interventions (non-emergent) are performed by Dr. Mercuro at Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia

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